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Ehrenamt lohnt sich - z-sam, die Freiwilligenagentur der Diakonie München und Oberbayern

We believe that each person can contribute to society in a positive way.  Whether by means of an individual project, long-term charity work or simply through small gestures, civic engagement is/has the potential to be diverse, colourful and quite exceptional.

At the Zentrum für freiwilliges Engagement (Centre for Voluntary Engagement) in the heart of our city we offer people a place to meet and discuss and exchange ideas for initiating and taking forward civic engagement.

We are drop-in centre for volunteers and organisations wishing to advocate a social togetherness in our city’s community. We act as an agency for volunteers, connecting interested Munich citizens with social and religious institutions looking for support.

But we are more than just a mediator. We promote the development and implementation of new ideas and offer support in gaining qualifications as a volunteer. In our view civic engagement thrives on innovation and fresh approaches.

I want to get involved

You have time and energy to get involved, but you do not quite know how or what might suit you and your lifestyle? We offer advice on how to engage/become involved as a volunteer and inform you of available possibilities.

Just come by in person, or arrange a counselling call.

We need Support

You are looking for volunteers to support your work? You want to start a new project/You want to make a new project happen, but do not know how or where to begin?

In a personal discussion, we get to know you and find out how we can support you.

We are here – in person or digitally.

In our offices/headquarters we welcome everyone who would like to find out about civic involvement, exchange ideas or meet other volunteers. Additionally, you can contact us via e-mail anytime. Write to us or call if you have questions, ideas or just want to know more about us and what we do.

Theresienstraße 63
80333 München

(0)89 54 24 50-24

Easter break from April 1st, 2024 – April 14th, 2024
Di / Mi / Do 11.00 – 15.00 Uhr

Diakonie München und Oberbayern

The Zentrum für freiwilliges Engagement is part of the Diakonie München und Oberbayern e.V., an institution that has been helping people for over 135 years. Our sociopolitical aim is to promote a future based on solidarity and fairness.

We support those who struggle to cope with everyday life.  The centre treats disadvantaged people with honour and offers them self-respect, and our work is, of course, linked to practical help. We are part of the Protestant Church and also a partner within the public sector. We have more than 3,000 full-time workers and currently around 2,000 volunteers in the Munich area. Diakonie München und Oberbayern also includes the non-profit making entites Hilfe im Alter, Evangelisches Hilfswerk München and Diakonia Service Enterprises.


z-sam Zentrum für freiwilliges Engagement

Let us know how we can help you

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